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Meaningful Use Certified

October 15th, 2014

Visual Outcomes Version 14 is certified as Complete EHR under the 2014 Meaningful Use program, using Dr First, Rcopia, Mirth Connect and DataMotion

Visual Outcomes will be attending the biennial meeting of the Academic Consortium for Complementary and Alternative Health Care (ACCAHC) in Portland, Oregon from 26-28 June 2013.

The consortium aims to provide leadership in representing and teaching the values, practices and disciplines of integrative health.

For more information and details of the meeting, visit the ACCAHC site. We look forward to seeing you there to talk about your needs.

Dr Sue-Ellen McKelveyVO director, Dr Sue-Ellen McKelvey, addressed the annual research agenda conference of the American Colleges of Chiropractic (ACC-RAC) in March.

The key topic she addressed was the rapid movement to patient-centered healthcare delivery and the role of electronic health records in supporting this. Visual Outcomes’ growing market in the USA and Australia reflects the general growth in EHR systems and, in particular, Visual Outcomes’ patient focus.

Universities have additional challenges. While all practices need to deliver for their patient, as well as business and clinical record needs, universities need to address research objectives as well as clinician training, oversight and assessment. In many cases, they need to accommodate a range of specialties.

Visual Outcomes is the only system that seamlessly captures all this data. Without complex interfaces, without imposing drastic changes to clinical work flows and without elaborate training.

“This level of data integrity, collection and analysis will be the future of EHR. All health organisations will demand more than just an electronic version of their paper processes.” concluded Dr McKelvey.

The Chiropractors’ Association of Australia NSW branch’s annual seminar weekend in Sydney starts on Friday 8 February.

We’re pleased to be sponsoring the event’s keynote speaker, Professor Kerryn Phelps AM, who’ll be delivering her keynote “Redefining the Mainstream” on Saturday 9 February. In this presentation Prof Phelps will look at how we define mainstream and how we can progress a healthy environment of integrative medicine in a climate of unhealthy scepticism.

For full details of the programme, visit the CAA site.

In October 2012, the Visual Outcomes team presented to over 150 attendees at a health sciences teaching forum for universities around the world.

The patient-centered approach that is championed by the Visual Outcomes system was a highlight for the conference. Software solutions for the specific requirements of a teaching and learning institution are not being met according to the attendees. Visual Outcomes is the only software that delivers to this specific area of health sciences. Visual Outcomes can accommodate many specialties working and learning together. Its key factor of focusing on the patient in the center of their health care journey was recognised at the conference as its differentiating contribution.

As one professor stated: “Finally the patient is seen as a valid part of the health care journey. We know a student needs to learn how a patient thinks and how other specialties can work together in achieving patient-centered outcomes. Well done, Visual Outcomes.”

Visual Outcomes is a regular exhibitor at a number of integrative health conferences around the world.

Recently, the team presented the potential that Visual Outcomes offers the research and development of chiropractic in the health care system. Over 300 attendees at the Chiropractors Association of Australia National Development Forum in Hobart gathered from 19-21 October 2012 to bring forward an agenda of integration of chiropractic health care services into mainstream health care provision by the Australian government.

At the conference, the Visual Outcomes team was pleased to attract a number of chiropractors who are currently working with other specialties in various health practice models. One doctor of chiropractic embarking on a conjoining of their clinic with a medical clinic and allied health services was pleased to find a software system that did not promote one specialty above another. As he said “I am delighted that I can become part of a software solution that delivers patient-centred outcomes alongside successful professional relationships around the patients’ needs.

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