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Cloud Hosting

About Visual Outcomes’ Cloud offering

Our data centres are located in Australia and the USA to service clients in each country. They are operated by certified, independently audited specialist providers.

All data is retained within national borders, secured in accordance with government regulations.

Data centres have multiple backup power supplies, redundant internet connections, 24 hour security and technical staff.  Physical access is restricted by tight identification and “need to access” requirements.

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What are the costs of cloud hosting?

Costs cover the use of Visual Outcomes’ services of providing storage of your database. This involves software services, rental of space for your database hosting, backup of the database and hardware management services that go with that facility.

Storage of files and documents (data on your SQL database) and backup facilities may be arranged. You can choose to host your email server (Exchange etc) up there too.

Do I minimise IT infrastructure if I choose ‘cloud hosting’?

The short answer is yes.

  • No further need for a local server
  • No need for a Microsoft SQL Server licence
  • Ability to put Exchange or other email server in the cloud
  • Database security managed by cloud hosting company
  • Backups of your Visual Outcomes application conducted in the cloud

An example of cloud hosting for one clinic 2-5 practitioner practice using the cloud

Visual Outcomes cloud version














What our Customers are saying

“Before moving to the Cloud, we were experiencing significant internet connection issues at one of our clinic sites and as a result our VPN was regularly dropping out.This drop out of the VPN left our other three sites without their Visual Outcomes; they were losing access to the server in the main clinic increasingly.

Since our network configuration could no longer cope with the data load across the four clinic sites, we knew our only solution was to move to the option of the Visual Outcomes cloud-based hosting solution.

Moving server workloads and data to the cloud is not as difficult as it may sound, although cloud migration is not a trivial task. This process was very well executed, in large part, due to the expertise and pre-planning orchestrated by the Visual Outcomes Support Team.

We were given advanced notice of the precise timeline and steps required in order to make the migration seamless and as not to interrupt any day-to-day operations. Further, we were given precise instructions on what to do the morning after the migration, always a nervous time, but we felt fully supported by Visual Outcomes to the end. Having now seen the enhanced speed and performance of Visual Outcomes, our practice team and owners would highly recommend making the move to cloud.”  - Mr. Simon Brown. Healingwave Chiropractic

“Well yesterday was our first official day to kick onto the cloud! (Finally!), that sure had me nervous on a Monday morning!

It all went really smoothly, super quick, and successfully updated 23 from 24 computers with no hassle. We have since replaced the one PC that wasn’t working. Thanks for all your hard work, time, and quick responses to get us up to this stage – was not a process I was looking forward to, however it couldn’t have gone better.
This was one project we were waiting on to see its benefits.  We were working with the Visual Outcomes support team and the move to the cloud was suggested. An example was that we were wanting to look into was why there was a freezing of a reception computers when receipting (multiple times per shift), however yesterday was the first time in over 6 months that our computers DIDN’T freeze. A huge win!! Also since changing across to the cloud it now takes less than 3 seconds to swap from date to date in the appointment book (previously it took in excess of 13 seconds every time).
So wanting to say a big thank you to everyone involved, was very much appreciated!” -Cassandra Pendrick, McMillan Chiropractic


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