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Visual Outcomes is built to maximise the ease of comprehensive healthcare data collection. It is the leading data information system for healthcare that is focused on patient satisfaction, effective practice protocols and measuring health outcomes. It is a patient management system and an electronic medical record. It provides a true personal health record and interactive portal for patients alongside a well-developed customer relationship management system. Visual Outcomes is feature-rich to make every person feel important in their role.

Visual Outcomes’ features are backed by an infinite capacity to “show the data”. It readily produces analysis and visual reports for financial management, performance tracking and patient outcomes research. This is done seamlessly alongside providing the data for the critical decisions around marketing and research.

Here’s a brief listing of its capabilities.

 Appointment Book

  • adaptable to any clinic style
  • drag, drop, move, copy/paste functions
  • practitioners, rooms, equipment, resource allocation
  • one-click change for doctor break or service/roster
  • color-coded to your specification

Client-centric file

Visual Outcomes’ Client Director is at the heart of all day to day dealings. It gives staff a total overview of a client’s entire relationship with your practice to track and control all interactions with your clients.

Integrated client education system

Personalised to each client’s:

  • areas of interest
  • health problems
  • health goals
  • online advice
  • Visual Outcomes tracking

Client relationship manager

Looks after all communication with clients, from a simple SMS to a complete email newsletter campaign.

Design templates using a complete range of client and clinic information, including

  • invoices/statements
  • newsletters
  • reminders
  • email and SMS forms

Client communication manager

  • send email, SMS, fax, letters.
  • appointment reminders via SMS
  • correspondence recorded in client file.
  • VO Talk for staff messaging

Tracking clients’ stages of care in the clinic

  • milestones of significant appointments
  • follow-ups and recalls
  • clients with no forward bookings and archived clients
  • regular client bookings
  • cancellation patterns


Visual Outcomes’ integrated online patient portal, providing:

  • focused information from the Visual Outcomes database
  • client management of appointments
  • treatment plans
  • forms and questionnaires
  • personalised client education

Practice management tools

  • manage group or personal tasks
  • assign tasks to other staff members
  • tasks can be assigned on any day of the week
  • multiple and printable views of task status
  • set up for task management and audit
  • automated reporting of work performance
  • clinic financials
  • integrated payment methods
  • automatic invoicing
  • one-click process receipting
  • full reporting

Report Manager

Comprehensive reporting on every area of your practice


Management and audit controls

  • audit controls throughout.
  • role-based security
  • remote access
  • multi-clinic support
  • staff reporting


  • a complete stock sales and control system.

Clinical records

  • paperless, visual electronic health record

Document manager

Any type of electronic file – documents, spreadsheets, video, audio and many more – can be attached to a client file and is available for review within Visual Outcomes.


  • Meaningful Use Certified

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