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Integrates every part of a clinic’s daily operation

In the clinic, Visual Outcomes starts at the front desk, with quick and easy management of patient details, appointments and arrivals.

Appointment details are sent directly to patients by SMS and email, along with their personal login to Visual Outcomes, linking them directly and immediately with your clinic.

It continues in the treatment room, quickly capturing all the information you need, leaving clinicians free to focus on patients. Its unique Smart Surfaces™ enable fast, precise clinical notes based on spatially-aware images and pre-defined symbols. All without typing a single character.

The Image and Document Managers put referrals, lab reports, clinical photos, x-rays – everything – right at hand.

Instantly accessible and integrated with each client’s records.

Behind the scenes, Visual Outcomes manages every aspect of a clinic or group of clinics.

A library of standard management reports is built-in. Custom reports can be easily defined and saved for re-use.

Visual Outcomes is built for multi-specialty clinics. Its Smart Surfaces and other clinical screens are tailored for each specialty.

In teaching clinics, Visual Outcomes also helps manage teaching programmes, students and facilities. With supervisor approvals and oversight embedded throughout.

Data to track student progress is captured continuously for later review and assessment.

Powerful features support research and management. Because Visual Outcomes captures everything to its unified database, you can easily query anything to do with patients, practitioners, products, facilities. Dates, times, quantities, actions, sequences are all stored and easily data-mined at any time.

Reception, treatment, data capture, consents, treatment plans, supervision, management and research.

Visual Outcomes supports every aspect of a clinic’s operation. Efficiently, securely. And always with the patient at the center.

Every action leaves an audit trail of who did what, where and when.

Tailored to your clinic

Visual Outcomes offers front-end flexibility to adapt to suit the way you like to see things – not the other way around. You can  develop with the software at your own pace. Visual Outcomes is built to grow your practice with a powerful database as the back-end of your business.


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