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Tips for choosing the right EMR EHR and PMS for your healthcare approach:

First be clear about what you are getting. Some systems are free or almost free and don’t have as much interest in you as in their advertisers or are not expecting to have to give support as they are an off the shelf product; then the hidden costs can add up. Some will offer a cost based on a percentage of what you earn (or what you bill insurance). Some are actually a number of programs cobbled together to achieve certain legal and healthcare IT requirements. Some are just dinosaurs; been around forever and do not move quickly with any changes afoot in the healthcare space.

Some basic definitions

EMR – clinical recording in paperless

EHR – a data collection repository of patient-centred information

PMS – a electronic management system across practice and healthcare business

IT Platform- IT application that must have all the above 3 functionalities plus more

IT – Information Technology

Healthcare is changing -there is a transformation of relationships across the sphere of patient, practitioner and extra-practice requirements.

  1. Find a healthcare platform that is able to deliver to your current practice style
  2. Ensure the platform has the capacity to also deliver to your practice vision.
  3. It must be user-friendly, inter-operable, certified, Meaningful Use compliant, ICD-10 ready and highly customizable for your style of healthcare.
  4. Ensure you have access to your own data –research reporting and exporting
  5. Check that the platform has experience with your speciality
  6. Ensure it is able to deliver to processes of a multi-speciality team or to a patient-centred approach to healthcare outcomes. 

 Our support and training pledge

Visual Outcomes is configured after an initial consultative period to personalize your experience of the platform in your practice. Implementation involves full training of your team to your full satisfaction. We pledge an extraordinary level of support – We enjoy our customers and they enjoy our focus on their success. We are available via direct contact from within the application, email and phone; offering remote support as needed. 


The implementation period

Depending on the customer time allocation to training and configuration processes can vary from

6-12 weeks for the practice live with Front desk and basic administration office functionality

(A further 6-12 weeks to take the practice live with Clinical – can be longer if complexity in set up)


Your hardware set up options

Windows operating systems

Server-Client (database networked locally)

Cloud-based hosting (your database hosted by Visual Outcomes)

Agnostic Devices

Web based (November 2014)


OSX running Parallels for Windows

Visual Outcomes Clinical – iPad users- data entry only 

Pricing 2014

Visual Outcomes is offered as a single, seamless database   

Visual Outcomes- complete healthcare IT platform
✓ PMS, EHR and EMR. Patient interactive portal+
Appointment Scheduler
Work task management
Patient Reminder System
Practice newsletters
Document filing /scanning
Internal Messaging
Insurance and e billings auto-claim, online status (USA)
 e Prescriptions management
 e Lab Orders/ Results
Performance measures
Provider-tailored templates
 Meaningful Use Dashboard – quality measures across clinic
Patient profiling- quickly pull patient-sets  acc. to clinic real-time Q&A
Flexible clinical recording-templates & macros, speech recognition, data displays
ICD 9 or 10 codes
E&M Coding fields (USA)
Client Director- central display of patient CRM
Client Director clinical- clinical dashboard of  patient
Internal Messaging
Interactive patient portal
Personal messaging
HIPAA / privacy compliance
Patient e-signatures
Real-time data access
Structured training
Online reviews and feedback
On demand video training
Ongoing access to training
Locally based support team
Unlimited email support

Visual Outcomes is priced to please with a low monthly cost licence.

Monthly subscription @ $395 per month per provider^

–    This includes an EMR, EHR, PMS and Patient portal (without e-billing#)

Three year licence with set configuration* includes standard support and all upgrades

Set configuration*

–    No initial set up costs

–    Pre-set practice flow with clinical documentation in place for set-up with Visual Outcomes

Customised configuration*

–     One off initial set up cost

–     Clinical Templates, questionnaires, forms, data flow assessment for 10 clinical templates

–     $2700.00 (baseline quote for a 3 provider practice of same speciality)

NB For existing customers requesting VO clinical set up – questions regarding costs of VO clinical configuration and training arrangements please contact 

^ Provider/Physician/practitioner: defined as a qualified person who takes professional appointments and/or whose name appears on invoices for services related to that clinic/s.

# e-billing facilities separately contracted for at a monthly fee of $400/month (USA)

E-prescribing electronic billing pathology/radiology labs available; may be also offered separately as licensed monthly service subscriptions from Visual Outcomes

E-prescribing with drug reference MIMS, pathology/radiology labs and HICAPS/Medicare for online billing (Australia) all available; may be also offered  as licensed monthly service subscriptions from Visual Outcomes

NB Monthly subscriptions costs may reduce as numbers increase across larger clinics and network businesses or multi-site clinic/s if no added complexity in delivery model of the enterprise.

Request a quote:

Monthly subscription –  includes all standard support and upgrades with as many computers as needed connected to your database as well as full access ongoing to:

  •  VO_Live (any number of personnel able to access your database at the same time)
  •  VO_Test (dummy portal for all practice/training of staff/updates)
  •  VO-iSite – online portal for clients/ patient interactions (+physicians clinic portal)
  •  VO-iSite Test (dummy portal for all practice/training of staff/updates)
  •  Hello screen (patient arrival and pre-appointment input kiosk)
  •  Arrival Screen (clinic reception – client arrival and instructional display)
  •  Automailer (CRM auto-mailings, emailing patient groups and regular newsletters)
  •  F1 Help, online help desk FAQ/ online knowledge base within your application
  •  VO-iTrain facilities online ( larger enterprise training use normally)
  •  Visual Outcomes Forum online- have a say and help your VO community of users and a place for your development suggestions;  reviewed regularly by the Visual Outcomes team.
  •  Advanced training resources/webinars/training videos
  •  Help with your own in-house reference manual (configuration of your protocols, procedures and processes)
  •  VO-iShop (items/ one-on-one training /custom requests for training of new staff/custom statistics and reporting requests)


  • Meaningful Use Certified

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  • Visual Outcomes Front Desk Quick Start

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